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Our health coaches will enable you to achieve your fullest potential. Discover the benefit of our unique holistic strategies built from decades of education and experience.

Serving Hillsborough, Manatee, Pasco, and Pinellas Counties



Personalized therapy options so you can excel before or after injury or surgery.


Encouragement and motivation to transform your health and wellness.


A continued recovery program after discharge from other therapy services.

When you choose Morpheus Wellness

  • Each wellness coach is licensed by the Florida Board of Physical or Occupational Therapy and has over a decade of experience.
  • We will meet you at your preferred visit location, whether your home, an independent or assisted living facility, pool, mall, park, beach, or golf course.
  • Your goals are the #1 driver of your Morpheus Wellness experience.
  • 100% of your visit time is 1-on-1 with your wellness coach to ensure maximum results.
  • No doctor’s orders or insurance needed, which means we can partner with you during home health, outpatient, or hospice care.

Our Reviews:

Client Testimonials

Wilma S.

“Exercise for me requires a commitment to quality of life, no matter what age! I experience many benefits to my overall physical and emotional health. Lynda’s encouragement inspires me as I continue to learn ways to optimize my physical workout. I consider it a blessing to be able to exercise for its contribution to my ability to live life at my best!”

Team Grace

“My mother struggled with her health terribly after breaking her hip. She went through very difficult times being cared for in a nursing/rehabilitation center. I felt getting her back home would offer her the best care and recovery she could achieve. Home health care and physical therapy helped her very much and then Medicare discontinued everything when she received what Medicare would cover.

We decided to continue privately with the care she needed in her home with personal training and fitness maintenance to keep her strong. Lynda Parks was handling her personal training privately for years and saw her at home up until the day before she passed. We called our family, CNA and trainer “Team Grace.” We could have never made the journey without our team. We stay in touch and will always share the memories. We all believed in Mom, loved her and gave her everything we could to keep her in her home to live out her life. Thank you!”


Lynda at Morpheus Wellness truly surpassed my expectations as a physical therapist. Her specialized knowledge and tailored therapy approach significantly aided my recovery. Highly recommend their services to anyone in need of top-notch physical therapy.

Linda M.

We are so grateful for this amazing wellness LLC who has the most caring and professional experts in the many fields of physical therapy, occupational therapy, massage therapy, dementia specialties, and so much more that we never expected. Morpheus professionals are so thoughtful and compassionate and caring.

Basil M.

“We found this in home physical therapy company for my father and truly they are fantastic. Morpheus Wellness has one therapist come to your home and work with one patient for one full hour. The owners and therapists are very personable and treated us like an extension of family. They greatly helped my father and I highly recommend them.”

Carmen H.

“We hired Morpheus to help mom rehab after surgery. Lynda has been so kind and compassionate. She has been great with mom and mom has made so much progress while in therapy. I would highly recommend Morpheus Wellness!!!”

Mike P.

This staff treats their patients like family. Their attention to the patients needs and the required treatment is both comforting and encouraging.
As a Stroke patient I went from not being able to stand and walk, with their excellent help I was able to get on my horse(with help) and enjoy the thing other therapists said I would never do.
They are the best.”

Maureen M.

Emily Maguire is a brilliant wellness coach! Her expertise in occupational therapy has benefited my client immensely. She thinks from a holistic point of view; considers dietary needs, environmental stressors, as well as using specialty equipment to enhance muscular stimulation, among other techniques. And does it with a smile!! Thank you, Emily.”

Michaelangelo M.

I have been working with Lynda on flexibility and pain in my right elbow. She has been amazing to work with, and thanks to her efforts, I’m feeling better than ever. I highly recommend this company.

Ana M.

Deborah has been kind, innovative, and professional in working with my family, both with my father’s complex needs and working collaboratively with me and with other caregivers. Her communication, especially, is a strength.


Robin and Emily are excellent therapist. Their knowledge, attention to detail, and concern for the client’s undersetting greatly exceeds any previous therapist. Their specialized and tailored approach significantly increased the overall health and wellbeing of my father. I will gladly recommend them to anyone in need of top-notch physical therapy.

Martha F.

Morpheus Wellness has an outstanding professional staff providing exceptional services. Their Customer Service works with you to best meet the needs of the client. Communication and collaboration is great to evaluate any changes in care. My first choice.

Morpheus Wellness is a licensed and insured private pay company that provides in-home or on-site fitness and wellness services.


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