Morpheus Move

Do you ever find yourself feeling stiff when trying to get out of bed or up from a chair and your body just doesn’t move the way it used to?  Sometimes it’s not enough to build muscle and achieve fitness.  Morpheus Wellness staff can help you MOVE again!  Stretching keeps our muscles flexible, strong, and healthy.  We need that flexibility to maintain the normal range of motion of our joints.  Without it, muscles shorten and become tight which means when you need them to work, they are weak, painful, and don’t move all the way.

Stretching can help to improve posture, decrease pain, improve joint range of motion, and reduce risk of injury.  Our Morpheus Move program uses a specialized hands-on approach of our licensed certified wellness coaches to loosen tightened muscle myofascial and ligaments, realign joints to be anatomically correct followed by correcting improper movement patterns when lying, sitting, standing, or walking. If our hands are not enough for your tight muscles, we also have modalities such as a massage gun or micro electrical stimulation to further help you to move.