Morpheus Fit

The length of stay in inpatient, Home Health, and outpatient rehabilitation settings after an injury or illness has declined in recent years, exposing those with newly acquired medical disabilities to be a risk of significant post rehabilitation health decline. Morpheus wellness recognizes that there are few, if any, option is to continue your physical recovery after discharge from rehabilitation, putting you at risk for a functional decline and secondary medical conditions. Our wellness coaches have the knowledge, experience, and passion to assist you in extending your recovery process and reducing this risk of decline.

Our Post Rehabilitation Fitness programs are perfect for people who have completed their physician recommended rehabilitation and are looking for the next step.  Our Wellness coaches have skilled medical exercise backgrounds supported physical and occupational therapy licensure to assist you with:

  • Achieving return to pre-injury or pre-surgery fitness levels
  • Regaining more stability and strength
  • Preventing future injuries

Why chose Morpheus Wellness for your Post-rehabilitation fitness?

Many post-rehabilitation fitness programs are guided by personal trainers with minimal medical training.  Our Post-rehabilitation fitness program is designed to safely manage medical conditions with fitness and is perfect for people with musculoskeletal, neurological, metabolic, cardiovascular, and cognitive conditions.  Each of our Wellness coaches have over 15 years of experience as licensed therapy professionals to ensure your safety and well-being.  We are skilled to monitor your progress closely, provide training on medical equipment and devices, assist you with home modifications so that you can participate in your desired life activities.  When you participate in post-rehabilitation fitness with Morpheus Wellness you can expect improved cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, power, speed, agility, coordination, muscular endurance, reaction timing, and strength.